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Gone are the days were the only way to meet someone was actually putting yourself out there. Now with just a few swipes, you can find someone who will become your go to for a late night text, meet you for a drink and then ghost you like it’s their job. If you’ve become trapped in the vicious circle of Tindering, you’ll know these struggles all too well!

The urge to delete the app

You’ll get to the stage where you start to question what you’re even doing here. No-one is willing to be the first to text and you haven’t got a match in a week. You tell yourself you can handle the single life without Tinder and you’d be better off without it. But in your heart of hearts you know you’ll have re-downloaded it less than 48 hours after it’s gone.


How dry the conversations are

Opening conversations usually consist of one syllable- Hey!

Or the conversation stopping- Hi, how are you? There’s not really much room for growth with those and even if you do get a somewhat decent conversation going, there’s usually a small window of opportunity before they decide they’ve changed their mind and never reply!


When you run out of swipes

Maybe it’s because you live somewhere where there are only 10 other people your age or maybe, just maybe, you’re going through a bit of a rough patch. Whatever the cause it gives you a bit of a reality check when you’ve essentially reached the end of Tinder and you question if you’ll ever stop living the single life.


What to put in your bio

You want to try but you don’t want to try too hard. Do you put a joke? A movie quote? Or a little bit about yourself? Or do you become one of them cool and mysterious people who let their pictures do the talking? Whatever you choose, don’t put -“I never message first”. It begs the question- why are you even here?


The accidental “SuperLike”

The sheer panic runs through your body when you make the grave mistake of Superliking someone you didn’t even plan on swiping right on. If you match you could explain that it was an accident, but do you want to burst their bubble. Or you could just rapidly un-match. The choice is yours, but the STRESS.

By Sarah Donnelly