By Killian O’Boyle

First of all, congratulations on clicking through to this article from our Instagram. You’re one in a million. Or judging by our click-through rates, you’re 1 in 1000!

Second of all, have you heard about this ISIC card? I would hope so considering our last 11 articles have all tangentially been about it. If you’re still not convinced to pick one up yet, then this article is for you. Consider this the hard sell. We’ve tried playing nice with articles about pulling at festivals and relatable trends like that, but we’re done being SEO friendly. Consider this advertisement article the equivalent of parental advisory explicit content warnings you find on albums back when people bought albums to listen to them.

First up:

A) One of the Only Student Cards Endorsed by the European Union

What’s cooler than a European Union backed student identification card? No, not the European Student Card, the International Student Identify Card! There’s a difference. The difference being the ISIC pays us to advertise their card. Don’t get them confused!

2) Can be Used as a Doorstop

The ISIC card comes as a digital card too, so you don’t actually need your physical card. You could use that as a doorstop or just drop it on the floor and forget about it. You know doorstops can get as expensive as €25? I know that because I just googled it. To be fair, the €25 euro doorstop does look like a palm tree so that justifies the price, but purchasing a physical ISIC card is €15. If my math is right, that’s €10 cheaper than a palm tree doorstopper! I can’t believe this card is so useful! And I’m not just saying that because I get paid to say it, because I don’t get paid to write these articles. This is a volunteer basis, and we write sponsored posts on behalf of Youth Marketing Agency Generation Y! Mmmm, smell the late-stage capitalism!

1) Discounts!

The ISIC card has so many discounts, like at least 5. That’s the amount that scrolls through on the header of their website. A discount for Boojum, HelloFresh, KC Peaches, and Schuh. Although if you check the discounts on the app, there’s no longer a discount in Ireland for Boojum, HelloFresh and KC Peaches meaning the current website is falsely advertising outdated information, including a burrito meal deal from Boojum for 6.25 which hasn’t existed as a price point since pre-pandemic.

In fact, a majority of the actually available discounts listed on the app can be acquired by students regardless if they have an ISIC card or not. But don’t let that stop you from signing up! For more discounts, make sure to download the app since the Irish discounts on their website currently leads to a dead page.

Last One) Please Just Get One

Do you want me to beg? Alright I’ll beg. Please get an ISIC card. What more do you want from me? A dozen more listicles on how to travel correctly? Step 1) Book a Holiday. Step 2) Enjoy the Holiday. It’s that easy. Please get an ISIC card. What’s the best pint in Dublin? Wherever your friends are going. Please get an ISIC card. How come I don’t like (X) now that I’m older? Because you experienced new things and your tastes changed. Please get an ISIC card. The 10 best places to eat in Dublin and only 8 of them paid to be on this list. Please get an ISIC card. Please get an ISIC card. Please get an ISIC card. Please get an ISIC card and avail of their many great discounts!


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