By Vittoria Vignolo

As we are now in the middle of summer, and some people have already planned their summer holidays, it is important to know the best advice and information to ensure that you will have your best and most comfortable experience.

Firstly, I believe it to be very important to consider the period of the holiday very carefully: it is best to travel during spring and autumn. As these periods fall between the high season and the low-season, they are pleasant times to travel; there are fewer tourists and nice temperatures.

In order to ensure that you have everything packed, always keep a list of essential items that you have to bring.

While you are packing your clothes, consider bringing outfits that can be worn both during the day and for nights out. Versatile pieces will help you adapt to different occasions without needing to pack excessively. Typically, black or darker clothing is suitable for a big range of activities, from daytime ventures to more formal settings.

When travelling to big cities, where you’ll be walking a lot, I always recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes.

Many European cities are walkable and you don’t need to use transport, so the choice of footwear is very important, as you don’t want to kill your feet by wearing poorly fitting shoes!

When your flight is booked, make sure that you get your travel insurance, especially if you’re going very far from home, so if part of your belongings are lost, you are covered.

In addition, I use social media and blogs to research my destination to learn more about its culture, traditions, and history! It’s really important for me to connect with local people and learn about their customs since it teaches me a lot about future experiences and everyday life.

Now, talking about how to save money during a trip: if you are a student, you will have the possibility to access multiple discounts and promotions, provided by the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This identification card is very useful because it can also give you entry to many festivals and events, without having to bring your passport or ID.

Moreover, it gives a big range of options and discounts on different brands and categories, such as clothing, footwear, travel and accommodation!

If you are on a budget, consider taking advantage of the many hostels or rental rooms that are available as alternatives to hotels. Spending time with friends in those accommodations can be very enjoyable, and it also provides the opportunity to meet many new people.

The places you visit will remain in your heart when you connect with people, creating extraordinary memories during your travels and that is why I believe that building friendships with both locals and other travellers enriches your journey while learning about different cultures and traditions.

Most importantly… don’t be hard on yourself and relax! Don’t worry too much and enjoy, because that is the most important piece of advice I will give you.

Having a positive experience will change you for the better and you will embark on more and more exciting adventures!

Apply for your ISIC card here.

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