Why Everyone is Talking about Shane Dawson

The world of Youtubers is complicated to say the least.

Who is he?

Since 2008, Shane Dawson has been making Youtube videos doing impressions of characters from pop culture. Later on in 2014, he apologised for his insensitivity of portraying racist stereotypes. Since 2015, he has been doing videos on popular conspiracy theories.  Right now, he has 17 million subscribers on Youtube and 4 billion views.


Everyone is talking about his docu-series where he interviews popular Youtube figures. With the likes of Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star, Shane sought out to find out about Youtubers behind the millions of subscribers.

People flocked from all over America to attend TanaCon, a convention where people get to meet their favourite Youtubers organised by Tana Mongeau. The convention was an absolute flop- riots, people fainting in the line outside and eventually it got shut down because safety hazards. Shane Dawson did a series on Tana talking about the disastrous event.

Dawson created “The Secret Life of Jeffree Star”, which followed make-up mogul Jeffree Star and brought some insight to his past. Jeffree Star has had his fair share of drama with feuds with fellow Youtubers and racist remarks. The series has a look at the struggles and issues Star has gone through, which have not been known to the public before.

Both of these series have racked up millions of views. The never-told before insights to how Youtubers live and what goes on behind the channels is very intriguing to views.

The Mind of Jake Paul

His latest series on Jake Paul, has caused quite a stir. Jake Paul (brother of the equal or if not more controversial Logan Paul) is a Youtube star who has been accused of bullying. Other controversies include his girlfriend cheating on him with his brother Logan. I know, the absolute scandal!

Jake Paul rents out a swanky house in Beverly Hills where he lives with other Youtubers as part of their “Team 10” group. Neighbours have filed a lawsuit against him as somehow word of his address has got out. This resulted in hoards of most kids screaming outside his house.

Paul lost over 60,000 followers after accusing via Youtube his ex’s boyfriend for assaulting his assistant. This was never proven, so many believe Jake was lying.

New Series

In this series, Shane Dawson attempts to understand the mind of Jake Paul. In the first three videos, Jake Paul hasn’t yet been interviewed. There is a long and drawn-out anticipation for Shane finally meeting Jake in this series. So far, 3 episodes have aired and still no talk with Jake Paul.

There has been a great controversy over Dawson speculating Youtubers being sociopaths – particularly Jake Paul. A sociopath is defined as  someone who “can’t understand others’ feelings. They’ll often break rules or make impulsive decisions without feeling guilty for the harm they cause”.

Shane meets with a therapist who talks about what are sociopaths and the possibility of Jake Paul being a sociopath. This video is edited with ominous music and cuts with  dramatic footage of famous people exhibiting socio-pathic  behaviour.


People have criticised Dawson for stigmatising personality disorders and mental health. He was forced to apologise.

We are all eager to find out more about hidden secrets in the series. Expect part 4 to be released very soon.

By Aoife Crilly




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