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This one is for all you boys that should be a bit more clued in and should learn to read your significant other a little more carefully.

As Matt White so eloquently put, ‘And Love, what a silly game we play, like a summer’s day in May. What is love, what is love? I just want it to be love.’

In today’s article I’ll be delving into the things you should NEVER, and I mean NEVER say to your girlfriend. Hey, I’m just trying to help you out and make sure you don’t get stuck in an awkward situation with your girlfriend balling her eyes out.

‘Your bum looks bigger than usual’

While this can sometimes be a comment of appreciation, your girlfriend will most likely take it in the worst way possible, i.e. you’re calling her fat or basically told her she’s put on weight. Don’t even go there.

‘Michelle is looking really good’

Ooo, this just boils my blood thinking about it. You can appreciate other people’s good looks, but there’s something about commenting on a friend or family member that just won’t sit right with any girlfriend.


Yep, that’s right. This works the other way around too. I guarantee if you say this in a middle of a fight or when you don’t want to do something, but you’re doing it anyway, you will severely annoy your girlfriend.

‘Didn’t you already eat dinner’

Ooh, boy, you are playing with fire. Let your girl eat a second dinner if she wants to – she doesn’t pass comments on how much you consume, which is probably a whole lot more because you’re a growing lad.

‘She’s just a friend’

This is what all guys tend to say to calm their girlfriend down when they’re been caught staring, chatting or commenting on another girl. I know you’ve got good intentions and maybe she is just a friend but remember that we girls have been raised and know that usually that

Again, you are asking for a fight with this. Even when they are over-reacting, it’s best not to comment. She knows why she’s mad or upset and we’re all entitled to our feelings and by commenting on her over-reaction, you are only going to make it worse.

By Tahlia Peppard