Irish journalist and TV3’s very own Vincent Browne has ensured the public that he will present his regular show, Tonight With Vincent Browne completely nude. It comes after BBC saw their viewer ratings skyrocket last night when Gary Lineker presented Match of the Day in just his boxers.

If that’s what people want nowadays who am I to say no,” said Browne.

The TV3 show has had an unfortunate run in recent weeks, low ratings have caused producers to worry about the shows long term appeal. But Vincent Browne is confident that his new approach will improve the show’s fortunes. “Look, people have always said I’m out of touch, that I’m not ‘with it’, well if getting in the nip is the new cool, then call me Al Jolson!”

I usually do it nude from the waist down anyway so it’s no big deal for me,” Browne stated, before clarifying, “By ‘it’ I mean the show, not, ya know… I actually remain fully clothed for that; I have a specially designed suit with an intricate series of revealing flaps”.

In light of his latest bid to gain wider appeal we approached the public for a reaction to Vincent Browne’s vow to present ‘au naturel’.

There’s nothing natural about that!” Mary Delvin, a woman from Coolock told us while pointing at a picture of Vincent Browne.

Right on! Power to the people, people to the power, old naked men, no shame,” Roy McCabe said, offering a different perspective.

The man is obviously suffering from a mental collapse of some sort, why doesn’t somebody step in and help him”, a concerned Jean Browne told us. “He obviously has deep issues, no doubt resulting from an unhappy home life.”

Mr. Browne is reverting to his primal state”, Professor Bogdanovich stated. “His lizard brain has taken hold, next he will search for high ground, ideally dry and narrow, as a site of refuge and reproduction. I urge everyone to be on the lookout”

Unfortunately, we here at will certainly not be tuning in as we value our sense of sight too greatly. For those of you with 3D TVs, may god have mercy on your soul.

Brian Quinn