1. It hold all your secrets

Facebook, Twitter…….Adult Friend Finder? Staying logged in is a dangerous game.


2. It has seen you do terrible things.

Men, you know what I mean. Women, just keep denying it.



3. You’ve had your ups and downs.

That one time it wouldn’t connect to printer on a project deadline, cannot be forgiven.




4. You spend more time with it than family members and friends

If it was a drug you would be already half way through a 12 step programme.



5. You know all it’s nuances

Little tricks and knacks that get it working, “tilt the screen a bit”, “hold the charger in” sound familiar?



6. You are very defensive of it

It’s for your eyes only.



7. You’ve suffered at least one major “scare” with it

Dropping it, spilling water on it, punching it after losing a hand on poker, but it’s still going strong.


8. You’re as proud of it as if it were your child

8GB of Ram, Dual Core processors, Intel Q9400? That’s nothing, mine has a HDMI input so I can watch films on the telly.




9. It keeps you warmer in bed than any person could

Who needs electric blankets or someone to spoon when you have a broken fan and a dangerously hot computer.




10. We can have mixed feelings towards it

10 hours of Netflix = Love

1 hour of college work = Hate



11. But it’s can be used for good

The cat videos and Facebook statuses won’t go anywhere, try a TED talk every now and again…….



Tadgh Collins