Dave Grohl and co. have returned to the music scene this week with their infectious new single, ‘Something from Nothing’. The single is taken from their new album ‘Sonic Highways’ which sees the band take on an ambitious project as part of their new HBO programme with the same title as the album.

Sonic Highways is an 8-part documentary where the band examine the history of music from eight different cities from across America. The first episode, which aired last Friday on the 20th anniversary of the band’s formation, saw the band recording ‘Something from Nothing’ in Chicago. The song’s lyrics are comprised of interviews conducted by front man Dave Grohl with blues legend, Buddy Guy.

The next 7 episodes will see a new single being released based on the same format but in different cities. The next episode will take place in Washington D.C., Barack Obama is expected to appear as one of the interviewees.

You can watch the video of ‘Something from Nothing’ here: