There could be many different reasons why you can’t finish that rotten essay or polish off that last assignment. A loved one may have passed away, it could be money troubles, the fact we’re still in the throws of a PANDEMIC, or just general life. These are all perfect excuses to ask for an extension, but here are a few tips to sway your lecturer to give it to you if you’re worried the request might go south:

Be upfront about it

Honesty really is the best policy. Don’t get yourself caught up in a web of lies when you approach your lecturer to ask for the extension. Do you have several projects due at the same time? Mention that. Did your granny die? Is this the 7th one to pass away? Tell the truth and you’ll be fine

Don’t ask for a long extension

Three weeks is probably gonna be a no. Two weeks might be a push. One week sounds fair. Don’t chance your arm ask for something too long. Going to college and doing assignments is an experience that colleges want you to have because the real world is full of project-based work. Ask for an extension but ask for one that will still challenge you and give you the experience you need for when you go out into the real world.

Do it in person

Set up a meeting with your lecturer. Mention it’s about the assignment you’re having trouble with. If you do it in person and the lecturer can clearly see the bags under eyes it’ll make it seem like you reasons are legitimate.

Just ask

If you don’t ask you don’t get! You got this. Now go out and get that extension you tortured soul!