By Laura Molloy

Summer is well underway and so is summer drinking. Whether you’re having a wild night out abroad, or simply enjoying a quiet pint at your local, it’s important to be safe when consuming alcohol. Here are 4 tips to prevent your drink from being spiked.

  1. Don’t share or accept drinks from strangers. It doesn’t matter how good looking they are, or how charismatic they seem, a stranger can always equal danger. Stay safe and stick to your own drink.
  1. Okay fine! Their school won the Leinster cup 6 years ago. You just can’t resist a drink from them. Then accompany them to the bar while they order. This way you can see the drink being made and can be certain your drink is safe. (You may also fancy the bartender more. Always keep your options open!)
  1. Watch how much you drink. Drinking is a very socal thing to do and can be a lot of fun but it’s still important to know your limits. The less you drink the more likely you will be able to realise if a drink has been spiked. The next time your friends are teasing you about being a lightweight, maybe actually listen.
  1. Even if you are the designated driver and are not drinking alcohol, it’s still as equally important to be careful. Non alcoholic drinks are also able to be spiked including tea and coffee. 

If you are planning to have fun this summer, remember to stay safe! But, also remember to apply for your ISIC card. The ISIC card is an internationally recognised form of Student ID that can be used from the age of 16. It allows you to travel without a passport and gives you access to great discounts.

For more info on the ISIC card click here

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