Thank the Lord that 2020 is almost over. It’s been without a doubt the most eventful/uneventful years of our lives. But at least we had the… internet? With all it’s flaws? Here’s Oxygen’s best Irish viral moments of the year:

5. Miggle D Higgledy’s dog interrupting his presidential speech for some urgent belly rubs. I still haven’t quite got over this.

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Bród stole the show @PresidentIRL event.

4. Daniel O’Donnell visits a Donegal hospital to give the elderly residents a serotonin boost with social distance concert

3. Morgan Bullock setting the dancefloor on fire while Irish dancing to Savage (remix)

2. Ste Brown giving us a tour around the Noggin worthy of Discover Ireland

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This might just be the best thing ever

  1. Adam King giving us the virtual hug we all needed

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Who needs a (virtual) hug from Adam King right about now?#LateLateToyShow