By Laura Molloy

A few weeks ago, student Ciara was distraught as she realised she had lost her passport. Despite her mother frequently telling her “you should have been more careful Ciara”, Ciara was not reassured. With a three-week interailling trip with the girls coming up, and both Longitude and Electric Picnic approaching (yes she was that girl), Ciara thought her life was over.

“If only Daddy had bought me the driving lessons I kept asking for. Then I would have a drivers license to use”

This tantrum did not work in Ciara’s favour as her mother only scolded her for not saving her money and buying them herself. It also didn’t change the fact that Ciara had no ID to tarvel with or to use to enter festivals. It wasn’t until Ciara’s friend Molly came over on the same day that hope was restored.

“Molls what I am going to do wothout the passport? I can’t get a new one in time.”

Molly then took out her phone and showed Ciara the ISIC App. “Why don’t you apply for the ISIC card? It’s a globally recognised form of student ID and you can get a physical copy and have it on your phone too.” Molly shook her head in disbelief. “Won’t it take too long to come?”

“Nope! It only takes 3-5 business days giving you loads of time. It also gets you access to lots of great dsicounts and it can be used from the age of 16. Your sister should get one too” Molly explained.

Ciara couldn’t believe her luck! That day Ciara ordedred her ISIC card and bragged about how she had the nichest form of ID. If it weren’t for the ISIC, Ciara’s life would have been over.. well her social life at least.

Apply today for your ISIC card.

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