Whether you’re still spinning from the excitement of Freshers’ Week, or a seasoned pro ready for the new term, there’s one thing at the top of every college student’s list of priorities: saving money.

Let’s face it, college is expensive. By the time you sort out your reg fee, digs, books, and think about what you’re going to eat for the year, there’s not much left to play with.

So, we’re counting down the best money-saving tips thanks to Bus Éireann and Expressway giving you €25 off student travel!

10. Keep a KeepCup

The cheapest way to get your caffeine fix? Make your own, obviously, or snag a freebie on-campus. But, if you can’t survive that 9am lecture without your Starbucks fix, take your own cup with you and you’ll get a discount. More and more coffee shops are doing this now, and you’ll be doing your bit to save the planet, too. Win-win!

9. Make friends with your college library staff

Course texts can make a huge dent in your budget, and your library won’t have enough copies to go around. Turn your charm on and get friendly with the library staff – they’ll be able to help you navigate reservations, waiting lists, and exam cramming, so it pays to keep them sweet.

8. There’s no such thing as a free lunch… Or is there?

If there’s one thing college is good for (other than, you know, an education), it’s free food. Societies know the best way to a student’s heart is through their stomach, and you’ll eat more pizza during your years in college than you ever have before or ever will again. Keep an eye out for event posters and announcements to sniff out the best of the free munchies.

7. Make the most of your student card

Most high street shops that cater to young people offer a student discount, from Apple to Lifestyle Sports, and transport companies like Bus Éireann and Expressway do, too. Not everywhere advertises it, so make sure you ask at the till! Get the Unidays app or sign up for Student Beanz for even more savings when you shop online.

6. Free trials are your friend

Companies that want to sign you up for a contract service like Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime will often sweeten the deal with a free trial. You’ll need to sign up with your card or bank details, but if you set yourself a reminder to make sure you remember to cancel in time, you can enjoy that free month, worry-free!

5. Make money petting dogs

No, really. Apps like Pawshaker match pet owners with pet sitters and dog walkers. It can be hard to look after your own pet in college but this way you can get your furry fix and pocket some extra cash, too.

4. Shop in Sterling

When you’re shopping online from UK retailers, the conversion from Sterling to Euro isn’t always what you might call accurate. By switching your currency to pounds on sites like ASOS, you can save a fortune before you even factor in your student discount.

3. Sign up to Parcel Motel

While we’re on the subject, sign up to Parcel Motel. A lot of online retailers that offer free delivery to the UK will charge more than the cost of the item to ship it to Ireland (makes sense, right?), but for just a couple of quid Parcel Motel will bring it to a petrol station near you.

2. Be a digital native

When it comes to books, that is. Some of your course texts will be available from your library to borrow as eBooks, and if you’re doing a degree with a lot of reading, like English, you can use sites like Project Gutenberg to get free – and legal – downloads on loads of books.

1. Save €25 with Bus Éireann and Expressway

Our number one tip is to make the most of this amazing offer from Bus Éireann and Expressway and get free student travel worth €25! If you were lucky enough to snag one of our goodie bags during Freshers’ Week, you already have your voucher tucked away safely, but if you missed out… We’ve got your back!

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Brought to you by Bus Éireann and Expressway