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The 5 best episodes Of Reeling In The Years

The poetry of Yeats. The chicken fillet roll. Maniac 2000. The films of Lenny Abrahamson. All towering Irish artistic achievements, but there is one Irish cultural institution that tops them all. Reeling In The Years was and remains a staple of a Bank Holiday Weekend and a chance to reminisce …

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Opinion – Irish TV: What’s In It For Me?

As an Irish 21 year old, I have been watching the likes of RTE and TV3 since Ray Darcy had hair. I still watch ‘The Late Late Show’ as a ritual and more times than I’d care to admit, find myself hypnotised by the onslaught of “morning shows” that go …

Cruinniú na Cásca

St. Stephen’s Green hosts RTÉ’s Cruinniú na Cásca

RTÉ hosted an Easter celebration on Monday the 17th of April.

Cruinniú na Cásca took place in several locations across Dublin, including Dublin Castle, St. Stephen’s Green and Smithfield.

The event included several community elements like communal drums and arts and crafts workshops.

Check out Conor O’Doherty’s quick video to see some of the celebrations at St. Stephen’s Green:

Review: Crash And Burn

When one thinks of the meteoric rise of Tommy Byrne, the subject of documentary Crash and Burn, thoughts turn to Icarus. Flying too close to the sun of Formula One racing before crashing back down the ranks to a driving instructor in Florida, dreams of being a Formula One champion shattered. Byrne …