By Amy Jones

Festival season is well underway, with Glastonbury and Coachella coming up. Every year, festivals always amaze us with stunning outfits and new fashion trends at each festival. However, there is the occasional tragic outfit that people wear and never really follow a trend.  Festival season is a fantastic time to be alive as everybody there is happy, dancing away until the sun sets. There will always be the classical outfits we see year in, year out. In this article, we will take you through some of the classical items worn so far that you can wear for the summer festivals in 2023. 

All Out Crochet

Crochet is a common piece of clothing that we can expect to see each year however, a full crotchet is something slightly different. This is a very versatile style that can be worn at any festival during summer. This includes crochet dresses, jumpsuits, or even two pieces such as a bralette and shorts. Sometimes, there is the occasional wardrobe malfunction when at a festival. Whether that is you or somebody else dancing away. That is why you must wear some swimwear underneath to ensure nothing slips out. One of the best things about a crochet outfit is it is very breathable. That is one of the reasons why they are so popular now. Not to mention that it is a sustainable item as well. 

Ride On Cowgirl 

space cowgirl costume hats
credit : @brittanystyacich

Last year, there was a popular trend with cowgirl outfits however, they are not your traditional cowgirl outfits. They have a modern twist to them which is SPACE COWGIRL!

With shiny materials and textures, this outfit is perfect for the festival season. As we all know, cowgirl boots are a common trend at festivals, especially American festivals. Now, there is no better time to wear cowgirl boots with a sci-fi twist. This style explores the fun side of festival outfits so if you want to wear something that is out of this world, you should go all out with the space cowgirl outfit. 

More is More with Mesh

Something that has been a common trend in the last few years is mesh outfits so, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see them again this year. Mesh is a stunning festival piece because they are thin and perfect for warmer weather. If anything, they are getting more and more popular. 

There are many different mesh clothes you can wear in the festival season as well. It all depends on what you wish to wear. It could be a mesh dress, skirt or even a top.

Mesh outfits are usually worn with a statement bikini. Something that stands out such as a fluorescent or jewel bikini. It is all about the swimwear with this outfit. The mesh part is something to add to make it look more fashionable. 

Double Dare With Denim

Do you remember the years when we pulled a face at the idea of double denim? Well, that has all changed. It seems to be a common fashion trend these last couple of years, especially for festival goers. Furthermore, there is no better time to experiment with festival outfits so, why not try a double denim outfit this year? 

One thing to remember with a denim outfit is that it can be warm and stiff. Therefore, you won’t be able to bust the moves that you’d like. Nonetheless, a cropped denim jacket with a denim mini-skirt is a great outfit for the festival. 

Neon Is Back, Again

A fashion trend that we believe will never die out! It is a fashionable outfit that is only appropriate during the festival season. There is no better time than cutting up shapes in a stunning neon outfit with flawless cutouts on your back and ribs. 

There are so many options with neon outfits as well. You can either wear a one-piece that is all neon or wear a neon bikini with a mesh top. Maybe even wear low-waisted cargo pants to complete the outfit. 

There is no outfit out there which looks more like a festival outfit than a neon set. So, if you don’t have any neon clothes in your wardrobe, we recommend you buy some to upgrade it. 

Glamorous Corsets

Corsets are very on-trend at the moment, even with the festival scene. However, if a bar doesn’t feel like the right place to wear a corset, don’t be afraid to wear it at a festival. It is the place where people don’t judge your fit so be brave.The positive about a corset is that you can wear them with anything. You can either dress up or dress down with this fit. Flawless laced corsets worn with gorgeous parachute cargo are the perfect outfit for looking lush. There isn’t anything as stunning as this outfit due to the variety of things you can wear with it. Complete your look with cat eye sunglasses to make you look even cooler. 

To Conclude

There is no better time to explore unique fashion trends than the festival season. However, something you must prioritise with your festival outfits is comfort. Women’s fashion is great and the festival outfits that we can wear are miles better than the typical men’s twin sets that the gents wear during festival season. Choose to wear one of these stunning party outfits this year and you can show who really runs the world.