Professional twat Piers Morgan has proposed a cure for racism in America – to stop being racist.

In his editorial column in The Daily Mail, Piers asserted that the only way the N-word can be eradicated from the English language is if people stop saying it.

You can’t fault the man for logic.

Morgan is no stranger to courting controversy, having been at the centre of the phone hacking scandal which brought the News Of The World to an overdue halt, but this is a little much.

Don’t get us wrong though. There’s no doubt he’s entitled to his say after lending his name to cultural behemoths like Britains Got Talent – and getting clobbered by Jeremy Clarkson (an incident that confirms that there is indeed a God, and he presents Top Gear), so it’s little wonder that people listen.

So, in true Piers Morgan fashion, here’s a video of the man being made look like an idiot over and over again, completely shorn of context for your perverted pleasure.

The very principles our modern media and Morgans every attention seeking utterance is based on.

Piers would be proud…