By Sylvie Labelle

This ‘euro-summer’ is well underway but far from done. From interrailing to city breaks, and all-inclusive beach getaways to adventurous explorations, a travel capsule wardrobe will be your best friend this summer. This article will break down how to put together a super simple and straightforward mini wardrobe for your travels. With only three tops, three bottoms, one dress, two pairs of shoes, two bags and a couple of accessories you can put together 18 or more outfits. Keeping it simple and timeless is gentle on your wallet in more ways than one; saving you money in the shops and when flying as you won’t have to worry about additional luggage upcharges.  


A button-down: ideally from a linen or lighter material to suit the sunshine, a button-down is incredibly versatile and can pair with any outfit in your suitcase. A simple white buttondown is so on trend and in this season.  

A basic tank-top/vest: a solid coloured, reliable tank is essential to combatting the summer heat when travelling. When they are good quality, they are a timeless basic and an essential in your travel wardrobe. Ideally, this top would be a solid colour like black, white, or tan.

A white tee: A white tee is the perfect staple in your travel wardrobe. You can get a cut that suits your style best but a cropped, solid white tee is a great staple to fashion outfits.


Jean shorts: Jean shorts are such a quality basic and can be great for short haul flights, or spending time on a train as they are casual and comfortable all while keeping you cool. This short pairs perfectly with all the tops in this capsule wardrobe, making styling outfits super simple.  

Linen Trousers: This super versatile pant is essential when travelling. They can be dressed up with your button-down and a couple chunky accessories or dressed down and worn as a bathing suit cover to and from the beach.  

A Maxi Skirt: The star of the season: the maxi skirt. This skirt holds a dear place in not only my heart but the heart of many fashion queens alike. It is super comfortable, super flowy and very in style this season making it a must have for any upcoming trips to the Greek islands or the Amalfi Coast.  

A Dress:

A sun dress: this dress could be any length but having something with a flowy, bohemian vibe is a must for this capsule wardrobe. A dress that is casual with trainers and dressed up with accessories and your sandals.  


A White Pair of Trainers: this reliable shoe is perfect to travel with this summer. A must have for city breaks and day trips!

A pair of sandals: with these sandals comfort it key. They should be good for walking while being a piece that you can dress up or down and go from day to night with.  


Bags: Having a basic, everyday purse is a must. Aim for this bag to be A4 size or smaller if you are taking it into museums and monuments this summer. A tote bag is also key, they fold up super small for packing and can hold lots of stuff like groceries or shopping hauls.  

Jewelry: For this travel capsule wardrobe, bringing these three things is a must: a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet. These three items are essential to making your outfit feel put together or dressed up. Aim to have these pieces all be the same type of metal for a cohesive look.  

And that is everything! Taking a travel capsule wardrobe with you on your holiday this summer is going to make your holidays a breeze. And FYI: you can use your ISIC card at stores across the ROI to not only get sick discounts on the trendiest clothes but on airfare and hotel stays; be sure to check it out!

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