Robot probe Philae’s decade long journey across the stars culminated in a rough but successful landing on the comet Rosetta, and could now give us significant insights into the origin of our very existence.

However, astronomers have been left disappointed with the reception the milestone has been given across the world, and are prepared to make amendments to the mission in the hope of getting it more attention.

While the first ever comet-landing went largely unnoticed in light of Kim Kardashians revealing photo shoot, Esa have adopted an “if you can’t beat it, join it” stance.

“We were hoping more people would be impressed, but it’s tough to compete with Kim Kardashian arse in this day and age.” a spokesman said.

“So, once we’re done with all the pointless nonsense about our place in the solar system, we’re going to land it on her behind, then people will pay attention. We’re sure of it.”

Negotiations for the landing may be difficult, however, as Kardashian’s husband – rapper Kanye West – claims ownership on the territory.

“Dat ass is mine, yo. Watchu gon do?” West stated.