As you prepare for the new academic year and get all your equipment and stationery sorted, there may be one important question you’re asking yourself. What do I wear to college? While comfort is high on the list of priorities for campus wear, it’s essential to have a variety of outfits to suit any occasion. Here are seven fashion items every fresher needs;

1. Blue Jeans : A fashion staple, blue jeans are an essential piece of college wear. Dress them down with a hoody for a day of lectures. Dress them up with a nice top for a night of clubbing. They will be a go-to item in your wardrobe.

2. Classic T-Shirts : Invest in three or four plain t-shirts in different colours (black, white and grey will cover all eventualities). These can be paired with jeans, leggings or skirts and can be worn alone or layered to create any number of outfits.

3. Hoody : A cosy, oversize hoody will provide everyday comfort. It can be worn in any weather. You might even like to show your college pride with a college-branded hoody.

4. Casual dress : For days when you are giving a presentation or meeting with a lecturer, you might prefer to dress up a little. A casual dress can be paired with some ankle boots and a denim jacket or worn on its own in the warmer months.

5. Winter Coat : A warm, hooded winter coat is a must. With the college year usually running from September to May, a good portion of this will be spent in the wind and rain. Don’t get caught out in the changeable Irish climate.

6. Backpack or Large Tote Bag : Depending on your style, you may prefer one to the other. Your bag needs to be large enough to fit your books and equipment. A staple colour like black or grey will compliment most outfits.

7. Runners : College students do a lot of walking to and from public transport and around campus. A good quality pair of runners will support your feet and make running for the bus a little easier.