By Sylvie Labelle

A perfect summer season is not complete without attending a festival, and attending a festival is not complete without wearing a perfect outfit. As Coachella has come and gone, the style space has been imprinted with its fashion-forward festival trends. As artists like Becky Hill, Central Cee, and our very own Jazzy grace the Longitude stage this weekend, let’s explore some of the fashion must haves which are not only on trend but also practical for the Irish climate.


Be brave and do not hold back; music festivals are the place to go wild with your fashion choices. In terms of what is on trend this year, flowy, lacey, and sheer garments are all the rage. Some must have outfits revolve around a white maxi skirt, which has become a quintessential wardrobe essential this summer season. Pieces like these are great for festivals as they are lightweight, and super easy to dance in. Layering sheer tank-tops and lacey shirts is very on trend, as this season we are going for a bohemian, carefree vibe. Ann Summers is a great place to get sheer clothing pieces, and you can get 10% off in store with you ISIC card!

Irish weather permitting, microskirts and jean shorts (aka ‘jorts’) have been super popular this festival season, nodding to the current Y2K trends that we have been seeing across fashion spaces this year. The ‘jort’ that festival goers are wearing this season is not your traditional 2000s jean short, but rather a high waisted, baggy, around knee length short. Your ISIC can get you some sweet deals on trending outfit essentials this summer with offers like 10% off in Best Menswear, 15% off in Quiz, and 10% off in Diesel!


The cowboy boot has once again claimed its spot at the top of the footwear tower, being a must have for any festival outfit. The 2024 festival season has put its own spin on the cowboy boot through the addition of over-exaggerated, large buckles and creative stitching patterns to add some flair and uniqueness to the already known and loved essential.  

Cowboy boots, and honestly boots in general, are going to be perfect for summer festivals as considering Irish weather, they are perfect for wet and potentially mucky situations. They are comfortable to walk in and will keep your feet dry no matter the weather.  

If you are looking to purchase a pair of high quality boots that you can wear all year round and even for the next festival season, check out VIVAIA shoes. You get 20% off with you ISIC card!  


Accessories make a perfect outfit, adding flair and a feeling of ‘put togetherness’. Fitting with the bohemian-Y2K trend mashup, popular jewelry for festival season this year includes bangles, and other large statement pieces.  

To pair with the microskirts and ‘jorts’, large, unconventional and unique belts are an outfit essential. They are perfect to layer on top of your outfit, and to coordinate with your cowboy boots or beautiful bangles.  

It is also crucial to have a matching pair of sunglasses to go with your outfit. Small framed sunglasses are in style this season and will be super handy for when the sun is shining behind the stage which could potentially hinder your view.  

We hope that you enjoy this festival season fashionably!

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