September is next month which means the new academic year is on it’s on way and we’ll back on campus again assuming it’s safe to do so.

If all is well and good and clubs and socs week is going ahead at colleges around the country then here is a guide to you for clubs and socs at Maynooth University.

How it works

Clubs and Socs week is usually held in the sports hall in the Phoenix… well it was when I was postgrad student in 2018 trying to find time in his schedule to figure out how I could go to all the clubs and socs I went to during my undergrad! You’ll usually be provided with a map to help navigate the long, snaking trail of clubs and socs lining the sides and middle of the sports hall. Once you find and club/soc that you fancy go on up and ask how to get involved or ask them the burning questions you’ve been dying to ask! If you wish to join the club/soc you then pay something like 2 euro and/or give them your email. The club/soc then keeps in touch with you about their upcoming events, training and nights of mingling with the other people in the club/society.

When can you go?

It all depends and what society you’ve just joined. Some a very accommodating, others not so much because of the nature of the club/soc. For example, things like Trampoline club are very accommodating because they have training on during the day which means you can pop over to the sports hall if you’re free. This is also very accommodating as well if you’re a commuter who can’t stick around in the evening or you’ll miss your bus/train/lift. The clubs/socs that can accommodate such things would clubs like Surf club who can only converge during the big breaks in the academic year to go on a trip like Halloween, Christmas or Easter.

What are the clubs and socs?

Here’s the full list below:



‐ American Football

‐ Archery

‐ Athletics

‐ Badminton

‐ Basketball

‐ Boxing

‐ Equestrian

‐ Fencing

‐ Fitness Centre


‐ GAA Handball

‐ Golf

‐ Hockey

‐ Judo


‐ Powerlifting

‐ Racquetball

‐ Rock Climbing

‐ Rovers

‐ Rugby

‐ Self Defence

‐ Shotokan Karate

‐ Snooker

‐ Snowsports

‐ Soccer
‐ Surf

‐ Table Tennis

‐ Trampoline

– Ultimate Frisbee

– Volley Ball


‐ Access

‐ Africa

‐ Anime & Sci Fi

‐ Anthropology

‐ Arts Crafts and Design

‐ Astro 2

‐ Business

‐ Cancer

‐ Cards

‐ Chinese

‐ Christian Union

‐ Classics

‐ Comedy

‐ Computer Science

‐ Creative Collaboration

‐ Creative Writing

‐ Criminology

‐ Cuallacht Cholm Cille

‐ Dance

‐ Deutsch

‐ Disney

‐ DJ

‐ Drama

‐ Economics

‐ Education

‐ Electronics Engineering


‐ Enactus

‐ Entrepreneurial

‐ Environmental

‐ Fashion

‐ Feminist

‐ Filipino

‐ Film


‐ French

‐ Froebel

‐ Games

‐ Geography

‐ Hogwarts


‐ Indian

‐ Islamic

‐ Japanese Culture

‐ JESUS Ministry


‐ Labour

‐ Languages

‐ Law

‐ Legal Tech

‐ Legion of Mary

‐ Literary & Debating

‐ Mars FM

‐ Mature

‐ Mental Health

‐ MU Times

‐ Music

‐ Musical

‐ Ogra Fianna Fail

‐ Philosophy

‐ Pokemon

‐ Politics & Sociology

‐ Pride

‐ Psychology

‐ Red Cross

‐ Sinn Fein

‐ Social Democrats

‐ Spanish

‐ St Catherines



‐ Tea

‐ The Purpose Movement

‐ Vaporwave & Synthwave

‐ Visual Media

‐ Women in STEM

‐ Yoga

That’s a crash course on how to get involved with the different clubs and socs at Maynooth University! Now go, bathe in all the clubs and societies you can because the sad part is you can’t do them all. *SAD FACE*