Bryan Dobson: 10 hours of walking around Dublin as a news anchor – This will change how you treat news anchors

Bryan Dobson Street

After the success of the viral video ‘10 Hours of walking in NYC as a Woman‘ last week, RTÉ news anchor Bryan Dobson, has taken to the streets of Dublin to show the level of harassment that Irish news anchors have to go through. The new YouTube video, which was released last night, shows Dobson walking through the streets of Dublin and receiving torrents of abuse from people on the street.

Dobson received unwanted attention for his trademark suspenders. At one point while on Grafton Street, a hen party can be heard screaming in Dobson’s face, saying, “Aren’t you a strapping young man, what I would do to grab you by those suspenders and ride you like Shergar.”

As the video progresses you can see that Dobson becomes visibly distressed as the level of unwanted attention gains traction. During an incident by St. Stephen’s Green, a group of young men confront the news anchor and say, “You’re the one from the TV aren’t you? Get us some tickets to the Late Late Toy Show and we’ll let you keep your shoes.” Dobson looked worried at this point until the tension was broken by the same young man saying, “We’re only yanking your twig here, you’re alright for a poshy news man. Here, have a swig of our Druids.”

In an attempt to appease the youths, Dobson drinks from the can of cider until the youths eventually disperse.

Dobson spoke to this morning about his experience on the streets. He said, “I wasn’t surprised by the actions of the public as I walked along the streets minding my own business. This is a level of harassment that I have endured for the best part of my professional life. People grabbing at my backside and rubbing my belly for good luck is sadly part of the job now. I just hope the video will show people that their actions have consequences.”

Since the video was released, RTÉ said they will now have training for anchors on how to deal with the harassment they put up with on a daily basis.





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