Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, told reporters in a press conference this morning that he has not flushed his toilet since the water charges came into effect at the beginning of last month. The bearded elected official has been in the headlines recently after he proclaimed that he will not pay the new tax in the Republic and as an extra act of defiance, he will refuse to use Irish tap water altogether.

The so-called ‘Pope’ of Sinn Féin showed reporters photographs of his toilet that has been gathering faeces and urine for nearly five weeks. There were sounds of disgust in the room of seasoned journalists as Adams proudly showed off the “two-footer” from last week. Adams said that this particular excrement was the result of a new high-fibre diet that he is on.

Adams showed no shame in his new lifestyle habits and went on to say, “Once you get over the smell, you realise that it is a fight that all residents of Ireland should partake in. I have made personal sacrifices as my beard is full of crumbs and some runny egg has matted itself into the bushiness of it.”

I suppose you could say I’m finally joining the dirty protest.”

Government officials have failed to comment on Adams’ stance on the water charges and many have decided not to sit near him in the Dáil canteen due to the odour. It will be a few months before it is decided if Adams will face criminal charges for not paying his water bill.