Michael Flatley is once again incurring the hatred of the Irish man on the street. The self-styled American/Irish Dancing Hercules has found another way of defecating cash by banging out paintings with his celebrated feet. The paintings are selling for upwards for 50,000.

The national irritant, pictured above persuading Enda Kenny to give him all his job, no longer has the stamina to headline his own arena shows, so he’s taken to the canvas to make use of failing limbs.

Here’s an example of his work…


It really does look like someone stepped all over a perfectly nice canvas with paint smeared shoes. In that respect, he’s accomplished another goal.

The smuggest man in Ireland, who is inexplicably still living off earnings from shows that haven’t been popular in well over a decade, is proud of his work and feels more than ready to be considered as one of the finest, most original and handsome artists of all time.