By Vittoria Vignolo

In today’s article I will give you a small guide/tips on how to survive at music festivals!

As everyone knows, summer is the season of sun, music and big exciting festivals.

A lot of people attend these big events, but not many come fully prepared for them.

Today I will give you some tricks that I find very helpful to help you get the best experience at a music festival.

Always have a plan : first off, you should always have a plan for the duration of the festival, so that you are organised with the equipment you will need, all the essentials and extras that will help you have a great time. For example, you should make a list of what to buy and bring with you to the event. Some examples are: portable chargers, a tent and sleeping bag (with locks!!), blankets, a torch, vitamin C tablets (to recharge your energy!) and painkillers.

Remember to stay hydrated: it is very important to drink water, especially if you will be in a very hot place (this might not be Ireland’s case) and if you are not going to sleep many hours per night. Always have some water with you!

Stay safe: safety always comes first, and you always should keep your valuables (phone, wallet, keys) in a safe place. If you go with friends, always share your location with them and ask to do so. Tip: set their phone numbers as your lock screen, so if you lose your phone, the people who find it will call them.

Never forget your International Student Identity Card: this card can be used as ID from the age of 16 making it a great choice for festivals. If you’re a student, you can access many discounts and opportunities such as entertainment, leisure, sports and travel.  The ISIC is available to all secondary and third level students and it works internationally, so why not claim some benefits from it? Here is the link with all the information about it!

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Always be comfortable: wear more comfortable shoes/outfits and bring more options! there’s a lot of different possibilities to stay comfy while being stylish! For example bring skirts, but trousers and pants as well so you can alternate different styles and make cool outfits.

And, HAVE FUN!! this is the most important part of the experience!!

I hope my advice has been helpful, and I wish a safe and fun experience to everyone for this summer.

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