There has been a marked increase through the greater Dublin area of McGregor Man-Bun since the Crumlin fighters rise to prominence over the last 18 months.

The new-fangled look, which at best looks like a dead rodent decomposing on the persons scalp, has swiftly become the most in demand hair cut around. The logic seems to be that looking like a twat makes it permissable to act like one too, after McGregors trademark trash-talking has changed the landscape of the UFC build-up.

Indeed, the haircut is purportedly very popular with female folk, who see it as bravely treading the line between metrosexual and machismo.

“It makes even the most puck fella look like a lash” commented one lady upon leaving Coppers with a man-bun wearer in tow.

Contrary to popular belief, however, the hair-do does not bring with it the ability to fight like a trained killer à la Mr. McGregor. This misconception has proved to be the unfortunate undoing of many of the people championing the look, who have invariably landed on their arse when attempting a spinning kick.