The CAO results are out, fingers are uncrossed, and you’re (hopefully) well on your way to becoming a Fresher! Huge congratulations are due, regardless of what you got. You’ve worked hard to be here and the next few years await, full of possibility and ambition and perhaps a few drunken mistakes along the way.

As society waits with bated breath for the 22nd of October, many students have felt sidelined and out of the loop. Colleges and societies remain uncertain about what a re-opening will look like. For those of us starting soon and looking to make the most of these next few months, I have compiled a list of September’s biggest and best Fresher-friendly events. Both online and in-person, university-oriented and open to the public, these will ensure you have an exciting few weeks.

Freshers and Societies

While uncertainty lingers around many Freshers events, most Student Union pages are running ticketed activities with limited capacity. Make sure you book these through university Eventbrite links! Events will be held both virtually and on campus, and many societies are committed to running introductory tours of the locale.

Trinity are holding a wide variety of activities both this week and next. From concerts to film screenings to petting zoos, both returning students and Freshers can enjoy a taster of what societies have to offer. NUIG are offering mindfulness workshops, virtual and in-person society fairs and Zoom parties. Similarly Freshers’ Fest, UCC’s Orientation day on the 25th September will provide a much-needed opportunity to mingle and attend student run workshops.

My advice would be to go to as many meet-ups as possible. While Zooms are fun as a last resort, if the last year or so has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no better way to make friends than over a coffee or a pint.

And if you’re still not sure what your Freshers Week will look like, why not explore the wide variety of free events Dublin has to offer?

Culture Night

Culture Night is back with a bang! Set for September 17th this year, the festival allows musicians and creatives to come together to perform and exhibit in celebration of Ireland’s vibrant artistic scene. The events are free and there’s something for everyone, and this year boasts a packed program.

You can book tickets and browse the performances here:

Dublin Fringe Festival

The Dublin Fringe Festival champions the best of Irish comedy, music, art installations, theatre, and so much more. The festival runs from the 11th to the 26th September, and with performances from comedians such as Tony Cantwell (everyone’s favourite Clongowes lad) and Joanne McNally, this is a line-up you won’t want to miss.

Tickets are available here:

Dublin Kilo Sale

Ah, the kilo sale: unmatched in its potential for weird and wonderful finds. The second hand clothes are priced by the kilo, meaning you can pick up a couple of vintage t shirts or a flashy fur coat for a fraction of the original price. Kilogarm’s kilo sale comes to Dublin on the 18th of September and will be held in the CHQ Dublin. Tickets are 2 euro each and customers are allocated a 45 minute time slot.

Book your tickets here:


For anyone with an interest in supporting local Irish musicians, Cúlabúla is an outdoor concert running from Sept 18-19th. The lineup includes artists such as Niamh Keane, Coille and Noel and Friends, and tickets are free.

Get your tickets here:

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