Making friends in college sounds tricky. It can feel like you’re a little fish in a big pond again like when you started secondary school. The good news is that it’s so much easier to mingle with people in college so it’s easier to make friends. Here are a few tips to help you gravitate towards a group that you could call “your tribe” when you start college.

Say yes to things

There will be so many events on during college. Try to say yes to some of them, please. The best way to make friends in college is in reality, not through reddit!

That being said, still use the internet and Facebook groups to find events. This will help you again to find the people that you’d like to hang out with. If you’re from Maynooth University why not check the clubs and socs article we recently just posted? I personally think I’d vibe with the people in the vaporwave / synthwave society.

Take this advice and “say yes” within reason! The point of this advice is to help students who were introverted in school to get out of their comfort zone and do a few things that will scare them a little. Don’t say yes to something you’re not ready for, will harm you long-term (physically, psychologically or emotionally) and don’t say yes to everything all of the time. You’ll be wrecked before the week is out!

Be yourself

It’s easy to overthink how you should behave if you’re nervous about meeting new people in college. I remember during my Freshers week I thought “I want people to think I’m cool!” and proceeded to wear a snapback cap. It was 2015! Tumblr was the shit! I thought it would’ve been cool! Lesson learned… Just be yourself, don’t wear a snapback and this should help you gravitate towards the people you’d like to hang with during your college years.

Don’t worry too much about it

It’s so easy to make friends in college because all these Freshers are nervous and want to make friends too! It’ll be so easy to make friends in first year, because there will be so many opportunities to mingle with people on nights out and during clubs and socs.

Enjoy this new chapter in your life. Put yourself out there and do something you’ve never done before! This is a very exciting time and it’s even more exciting that you’ll be allowed to do it again after nearly two years in and out of lockdowns. Have fun.