Liverpool’s incredible comeback against Barcelona was a thing of beauty even for us neutrals. I found myself routing for the reds despite my inherent dislike for the Merseyside club. It was truly one of the most incredible nights in champions league history and i’m not sure we’ll ever see it’s like again. Even if your not the biggest football fan in the world I think you can appreciate a team being down and out only to stage a remarkable comeback. Even the most imaginative of Hollywood directors would have found this a bit far fetched. But that’s football for you so start watching it you maniac.

Spare a thought for the poor Barca fans who made the expensive trip and ended up watching their team blow a significant lead for the second year in a row. But, hey, someone had to suffer and this time it was Barca………and probably fans of Everton and Man Utd as well. The questions remains though, was that the greatest night in Champions League History. How does it compare to Liverpool’s other great comeback in Istanbul or Roma’s improbably defeat of Barcelona last season. Or to make Barca fans feel a bit better did their own 6-1 win against P.S.G take the crown? Who the f**k knows but all that can be said for certain is that football is bloody amazing and why are you still not watching it?

Why was it such an entertaining game? For me, it was mostly about the opposing styles. Football games are best when they are played between teams with different styles. Last night, we had the ‘heavy metal’ of Liverpool against the subtle ‘jaz’ of Barcelona. It was kinda like the Mountain’s fight with Oberyn Martel in Game of Thrones and the result was…..well…..pretty similar in the end. Liverpool’s aggressive, fast paced and direct style of play sent poor headless Barcelona back to Catalonia. It was more than just a football match. It was artistic display of sporting brilliance and what the hell are you doing not watching it?

Liverpool will player either Ajax or Spurs in the final. If it’s Ajax than I hope they get absolutely slaughtered, if it’s Spurs they better bloody win. It should be another epic game and if you don’t watch it than what’s the point?I mean in general, what’s the point in anything?So stop reading this article watch some football you bunch of lunatics.