Ireland’s list of boxing greats keeps getting bigger.  Bernard Dunne, Katie Taylor, Jono Carroll, Mick Conlon, Conor McGregor (if you count his fight versus Floyd Mayweather) and more recently Kellie Harrington.

Although still technically an amateur, Kellie shot to fame and became a household name in Ireland during the Tokyo Olympics after becoming only the second Irish woman to secure an Olympic gold medal in boxing – choosing to stay on the amateur circuit. 

“I’ve made the decision, I’m going to stay amateur, it’s not always about money.”

This decision only outlines further Kellie’s love of the sport, taking part for the enjoyment and the thrill rather than seeking out big paycheque after paycheque.

“I’m very happy. I’m supported by Sport Ireland, and I have a great team with the set-up.”

Kellie has been in the public eye twice recently, but not for her boxing skills.  Firstly, she was rubbing shoulders and becoming best friends with John C Reilly at the St. Patricks day parade performing her Grand Marshall duties.  Most recently, Kellie was in the news again, this time for marrying her partner of 13 years, Mandy Loughlin.  Currently, the couple have their 2 dogs to look after, but haven’t ruled out the pitter patter of tiny feet in the boxing ring in the future.  When asked about children, Kellie answered “Who Knows?”

For now, Kellie is concentrating on the upcoming World Championships in Istanbul and the next Olympics.