The 2021 Smedias awards took place online on June 2nd and it was Stephen Moynihan and Molly Kavanagh from UCC who emerged as the successful candidates for the ‘RSA Award for Journalism related to Road Safety’. This award is given to a student whose work has brought road safety to the attention of students

The RSA strives to promote road safety awareness through education, enforcement, engineering, and evaluation. They also support a number of campaigns such as this award to ensure safe travel for everyone around Ireland.

Every student is impacted by travel. They walk home from nights out, cycle to school or drive home. The Road Safety Authority works hard to make travel safer for students and they show this by sponsoring this award.

We were delighted to partner with RSA again this year. We’d like to thank them once again for sponsoring this award and for supporting students creating high-quality, journalism about road safety.