A recent study has revealed that beards have more bacteria in them that dog fur and we couldn’t be more disgusted. Yep, that’s right, dogs that spend their days rolling around in muck, eating anything they can get their paws on and only get cleaned every few months are cleaner than all you craft beer drinking hipsters out there.

The Sun Newspaper recently reported on a study conducted by Switzerland’s Hirslanden Clinic who stated that ‘The researchers found a significantly higher bacterial load in specimens taken from the mens beards compared with the dogs fur’.While you trying to look like John Hamm In ‘Baby Driver’ you were creating a nice warm home for thousands of harmful bacteria. Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like shaving your prized asset might be the best thing to do for your health. All you women out there might just want to have a word with your significant other halves and i’d certainly question any kissing until the deed is done.

The news sets up a bit of a dilemma for those of us who look better with facial hair, which is quite a lot of you to be fair. Do we risk looking like we just stepped out a C.S.P.E class and getting ID’d for our morning coffee or do we look really cool but actually be crawling with bacteria?