Its the time of year where we are all planning holidays away or at least deciding where to go. The stunning city of Budapest in the eastern European country of Hungary is somewhere I would highly recommend after a recent visit. Firstly you’ve got some of the most amazing architecture the world has to offer, even modest buildings down an alleyway are works of art. Simply walking through the streets is enough to give you goosebumps. One of the things I would put on the must-do list is to walk up the steps of Buda Castle and take in the truly amazing view over the Danube. If you can, do it at night and see the city lit up in its glory. St. Stephens Basilica is another destination that you should make priority.You can walk up the narrow steps, inevitably being reminded of that scene from In Bruges, to capture a pretty remarkable selfie. Its about 2 or 3 euro but worth it to see one of Europe’s oldest cities from above. The city is obviously steeped in history and so a visit to its numerous museums is probably a good idea too.

Food wise Budapest is pretty unremarkable but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good restaurants, one in particular is called ‘La Pampa Steakhouse’ and will probably be your most expensive meal out but you certainly won’t regret spending an extra few quid. Otherwise, the city has numerous ‘Pizza Me’ outlets where you can get either a slice or a full pizza, both of which are cheap and make good drunk food. Kebab lovers will get on great here as there is shop on pretty much every street. There’s also a local food called Langos which is kinda like a giant savoury donut which you eat like a pizza with toppings of your choice which are definitely worth a try.

Now on to the post important part: The night life. If you’re a big party goer, than you need to make sure to be there on a Friday and Saturday night as the rest of the week tends to be comparatively quiet. Drink in Budapest is CHEAP and caters to all drinkers. For those lager drinkers among us, you can get a pint of ‘Dreher’ for the equivalent of 2 or 3 euro but shots and cocktails are also pretty cheap. I’d definitely make a trip to one of the many ruin bars which are scattered throughout the city. If you’re travelling alone they can be a great place to meet people but its also a cool place to hang out with your friends and play some drinking games. There are also some great nightclubs, the best one probably being Instant which has several stories and has a cool abandoned train station feel about it. Its free and as usual the drink is cheap. It also has the friendliest cloakroom attendant that I have ever seen.

Needless to say the Baths are the most iconic visiting attraction in Budapest and for good reason. They are a great place to just chill for the day and notably an excellent hangover cure. They also have ‘Bath parties’ on Saturday nights which are meant to be pretty epic. Make sure to bring a pair of flip flops with you as they are obligatory and expensive to rent.

Overall, whether you are interrailing or spending a weekend/week away Budapest is a place you should make the time to go to. You will meet the best people, get the best views and of course the cheapest drink!!

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