Science Foundation Ireland opens the discussion on further research

The “Journalism relating to Science and Technology” award acknowledges the work of bringing news from the science and technology industry to a lay audience. As sponsors, Science Foundation Ireland are key to the funding of applied research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Working to promote and assist competitive advancements within the industry, Science Foundation Ireland focuses on applied research into original investigation, acquiring new knowledge and yielding results that are specific to a single or limited number of products.

Addressing the need for scientific solutions for worldwide problems, Science Foundation Ireland offers “challenge-based funding” to incentivise specific applied research in areas such as zero emissions and AI.

Science Foundation Ireland an annual science communications conference, SCI:COM, in the Aviva Stadium each December. This conference sees speakers from many different specialties in the field discuss ideas and interaction between science and art, music and business.

Last year’s winner was Sam Cox from Trinity College Dublin and we are proud to work with sponsors that deliver important news and information on from the science and technology industry and inform a general audience.