Despite his great form on the course last weekend, Rory McIlroy has been unable to win over the heart of Nadia Forde. Forde and McIlroy have been rumoured to be dating since his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki broke down last May due to the golf professional’s inability to commit to marriage. McIlroy has now set his sights on the world’s most beautiful woman (both in mind and body) but his efforts has left him landing in the rough.

Nadia Forde sat down with during an elaborate four course meal at a top Dublin restaurant to discuss McIlroy. Forde told us that, “I don’t think he’s my type to be honest. To put it politely, when I hear the rumours about myself and Rory; it makes me want to vomit out of my own arse. I just need a real man and real men don’t hit a tiny ball with a stick around forest for a living. I have to think about my music career, being associated with him will not get me places. He’s cute in the way a squirrel can be kind of cute but that’s about it. I need to go gather my nuts elsewhere”.

These are harsh words from the Irish model but you have to admire her honesty. It is one of many great attributes that she holds. will keep you updated on this story as more news breaks.