Eminem took the internet by storm yesterday after throwing a diss at red head Lana del Rey. The controversial cracker rapper from Detroit released a freestyle rap to promote his record company’s, Shady Aftermath, new compilation album, Shady XV. During a never ending gauntlet of insults that seemed to attack everyone in popular entertainment, Slim Shady then had a go at ‘Born to Die‘ singer, saying,

But I may fight for gay rights, especially if they d**e is more of a knockout than Janay Rice. Play nice? B***h I’ll punch Lana del Rey right in the face twice, like Ray Rice in broad daylight in the plain sight of the elevator surveillance. ’Til her head is banging on the railing, then celebrate with the Ravens.”

This attack instantly garnered the attention of left-wing media outlets around the globe as feigned indignation in an attempt to hit their story quota for the day. It does not say much to the Eminem’s character that this is probably the least offensive comment he has made over the span of his career.

It has been well established through songs like ‘Stan‘ and pretty much every song from his last two albums, that he talks through his alter ego Slim Shady in an attempt to create controversy. Jon Hamm does not receive criticism for being misogynistic when playing his Mad Men character Don Draper.

The 8 Mile star told Oxygen.ie yesterday, “Yo, all this beef with the press is whack man. I just like to rhyme, that ain’t no crime, but they treat me like slime, it’s far from sublime.”

Eminem continued to mumble to himself as we slowly left the room, we assume he is still in the same chair talking to himself like Dr. Seuss.