How To Pretend It’s Summer This Winter

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Ah Autumn, leaves fall off the trees, a jackets are back on and the cold weather is making it unappealing to go outside. If you love Summer, why not pretend it’s Summer?

1. Relax with a Summer-themed Movie

Forget watching Halloween movies, have a night in watching your favourite childhood Summer movie. I suggest High School Musical 2 for some cheesey Summer songs that will make you bop to the top.

2. Do a little spring cleaning

This might seem like a chore, but this will help clear your head. Having a nice and fresh room will help you feel a little better staying inside. If you want to have a little bit Summer in your room, why not get a cactus? By adding succulents, this will give your space a nice summery flair.

3. Have an indoor picnic

For a great twist, buy a cute tepee tent! If you have the space, a tepee will be fantastic to get that little camping experience in winter. They are all the rage too!

4. Get a Pedicure

To feel a little better, why not treat yourself? A pedicure will make you feel like you are ready to whip out the flip flops or sandals. It’s probably no best to wear flip flops in winter though – especially in the rain.

5. Drink Club Super Split

Drinking a Summery drink like Club Super Split, will help you relieve those post-summer woes. Snap one up in our goodie bags!



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