Wait, it’s hardly that time of the year already?





I suppose time flies when you are wearing rust coloured cardigans and moss green quilted jackets. That’s right friends, our good old Aunt Autumn has arrived. She swept in the door, and made herself at home.


Ye should all go to New Look and purchase a good pair of over the knee boots” She breezily advised, over a cup of tea and slice of barm brack.


“You know something Autumn? You’re dead right” I smiled, brushing the leaves off her shoulders.


Now, usually I’m not so hospitable. It’s not always tea parties and buttered barm brack for Aunt Autumn in my house. Usually, I have to take a few days to adjust to her arrival.


Adjustment process: constant whinging about the absence of Aunt Summer, plus retail therapy (rust coloured cardigans, moss green quilted jackets, nice boots…)


But something has changed. I’ve changed. And I think we need to talk about it.


Summer used to be my favourite. My birthday is in July, so naturally I have always associated Summer with being spoiled and eating cake. But cake and presents and sunshine and all that craic … It just doesn’t do it for me anymore!


Before you decide that the editor of oxygen.ie sounds like a big rotten spoiled yoke, let me explain!
If you know me, or if you have even met me briefly – wandering the streets of Galway, or in Coppers – you will know that I just spent a few months in the States. How will you know? Well, I’ll mention it, of course.

1) Nice girl with perfect eyeliner in bathroom: “That toilet doesn’t flush”
Me *thinking if I could do eyeliner like that, I would just drop out of college, become a YouTube sensation and buy a dog and….*: “Oh dear, so annoying, wish we were like the yanks with their automatic flushing toilets… they have everything in America you know, I was there for a while…”
2) Bearded hipster in a pub: “What time does this place close?”
Me: *wondering if he paid fifty cent or fifty euro for his scruffy jacket*: “Around 2:30… But you know, we aren’t so badly off… in Massachusetts everywhere stops serving at 1:00am…”


But, all bragging about my broadened horizons and discovery of toilet technology aside – I think I’ve had enough Summer for one year!


I never thought I’d say such a thing. But I am a brave free spirit of the world now, and I’m just going to put it out there: three months of beautiful bright sun beating down on a girl, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s too much. Too much worrying about prickly leg hair, fake tan/sun cream application, and whether either of them are water proof. Too much men in sandals with hairy toes. Too much for my Celtic complexion.

Sometimes I think that whenever God created red-heads, he must have had great fun. I can just imagine him…
“No, no, more freckles… paler, paler!”

Finally! Now is the time to seize these Celtic complexions. An Autumnal colour palette is a pale person’s most complimentary friend. And if you happen to be blessed with a more Goddess like olive glow … well, you can feck off.

No, no. I joke. There’s good news for you, too. Good news for all! Autumn is the new January, just like over the knee boots are the new … look. It’s like a mini New Year, except instead of the air being below zero degrees, its fresh and charged with possibilities, resolutions and renewal. If you were once a Summer lover like myself, you could even go as far as to say Autumn is the new Summer. Now, time for those resolutions.