Ashley Callery brings you The Spice Bag Bible checklist, for spice bag lovers across the nation.


Spice Bags are probably one of Ireland’s finest cuisine dishes that are enjoyed amongst the vast majority of teens across the Irish Nation. Spice Bags have made a huge impact in my life and I thought I give you some of my go-to guidelines I refer to when getting a bag.


Why should you trust me? I order one every Friday and plan to serve them at my wedding.




Make sure it is served in BAG. It usually comes in a bag, but not always, sometimes it comes in a box which is a crime in my opinion. I think the bag is a key element of the dish. For me personally, if it comes in a box, I would never return to that takeaway outlet again. I would also recommend maybe calling the Garda Síochána to let them know about this sorcery. Nothing too dramatic though.



The bag contains crispy shredded chicken, chips, vegetables and spice. It was originated from the 3 in 1 dish. Now, I’m no Gordon Ramsey but I can tell you one thing is that consistency is key to a good spice bag. There should be an equal consistency of chicken, chips, and spice. Sometimes, I feel like takeaways are either not generous with the chicken, veg or the chips. So just make sure you ask them to share the love, consistency wise. It will lead to a solid bag that you deserve!


Spicy flavor​

To quote the Spice Girls, it should Spice up your life. They say the origins are shrouded in history, but I think the flavor is a mystery like no other. I would describe the taste of a spice bag as the first time you eat a 99 with a flake as a kid, it is a truly magical experience. Most bags are spicy, I normally grab a glass of tap water before I delve in. At the end of the day, spice bags make you drink a ton of water. So let’s be real, they’re sorta healthy. Perfect marketing opportunity for Ballygowan, that’s all I’m saying.




So yeah, that’s my advice on making sure you’re getting a good spice bag and getting your money’s worth. They’re normally around 6 or 7 euro, that could get you a few cans, so I’m just looking out for my fellow Irish spice bag lovers to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth.