Well i’m sure all you sports fans out there watched Manchester City and Spurs play out a dramatic 4-3 game with Spurs going through on away goals thanks to their 1-0 win at White Hart Lane. The first 21 minutes saw five goals scored between the two sides. It was football at its finest and an exciting watch for many a neutral watching. City fired ahead on aggregate thanks to a Sergio Aguero goal shortly before the hour mark before Fernando LLorente headed home to level the tie. City huffed and puffed with Gundogan missing a golden opportunity but it looked like Spurs would hold out until the end.

Step up Irelands nemesis Christen Eriksen who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to pass backwards towards Sergio Aguero. The ball took a deflection of Gundogan and fell kindly into the path of Aguero. The Argentine pulled the ball back to Raheem Sterling who narrowly beat the rather unconvincing LLoris. It was an Aguero against QPR esque moment for Manchester City. BUT NO. It was a good thirty seconds later than VAR came in like a big bully and, like taking a child’s favourite toy away from them, chalked the goal off. Spurs went from agony to ecstasy while city did vice versa. Pep Guardiola looked like a man who was just told that his Netflix subscription had expired. VAR you big massive prick. This ‘article’ was essentially just an angry rant from an Arsenal fan who hates Spurs doing well rather than a well articulated argument with the pros and cons of the new technology.

I reckon VAR will probably benefit the game in the long term but last night it was the evil demon who broke Raheem Sterling’s heart and sent Spurs through to the semi-final.