College is like a box of chocolates…some students are mint, others are like orange with the fake tan, a lot are full of coffee, there’s a lot of caramel in there. Oh fuck it just let Emma Wright explain…
When in college, you come across many different creatures that you might never have come into close proximity with before (and usually, for a reason). However, college encourages us to share our time (and air) with people who are alien to us and unfortunately, we really don’t have a choice in the matter.

Here’s what I have come across in the jungle that is the lecture hall:
The Talkers
These bastards (usually female, ironically) are the ones who talk the WHOLE way through the lecture, laughing and whispering loudly, only stopping briefly to check their phones. And by the end of the class, you can’t help but try and catch a glimpse of their phone to see whether that Danny, who Aoife kissed on Thursday night, was really as cute as she says he was.
The Proud Geek
There is always going to be at least one person in your class who will be attending all their lectures religiously and have their laptops ready on the desk ten minutes before the lecture starts. They will have read the recommended reading list (who does that to themselves voluntarily?) and have no problem letting the lecturer know that they have done so. This will make the rest of the class look bad and have them questioning their suitability for the course (and the meaning of life).
The Secret Geek
We all know one sneaky person who forever complains about lectures and college work but when you ask about their exam or assignment results, they will sheepishly tell you just how well they aced them. These people are trying to fit in but we all know their game and we secretly wished we had the same intellect (minus the obvious need to be socially accepted – we keep that hidden inside).
The Cool Kid
In they strut, late into their lectures as cool as a breeze. Not a bother on them. They seem to flow through college and life seamlessly, whilst the rest of us mere mortals simply watch in envy, as we drink caffeine and try not to break down in tears in the corner of the library (not that I am speaking from experience or anything).
The Loner
This is one person who tends to be visibly anxious all the time and walks around on their own. Yet, when spoken to, are often hilarious. Then when you try and approach them again to hang out or sit beside them, they decline because they want to be alone (the rejection still hurts as much as any – even the one who has no friends doesn’t want to be seen with me!).
Whilst I am one of a kind (and I don’t mean in the good way), you will inevitably encounter these types of people in college and beyond. Unless, you recognise that you are one of these people and in that case, you need to seriously change your game because, I’m sorry, but society hates you.


Emma Wright @EmmaWrightsBlog

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