An American Football playing team won the Superbowl with an audience reaching almost a quarter of the amount that watched Chelsea vs Manchester City at the weekend. Really, electrifying stuff, indeed.

The hype, as always was generated around the ads and half-time performance as much as the on-field action itself, as Katy Perry showed off her remarkably unremarkable vocal range and corporations shelled out $6 million for 30 seconds of air time to remind people that life is empty without Coca Cola.

Disappointing for many was the lack of a Superman vs Batman teaser trailer. But there was another trailer for Jurassic World; the new Jurassic Park movie in case you were wondering. The movie, like the Superbowl, has all but given up hope on satisfying the hype. Judge for yourself below…

Elsewhere Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame sold the fuck out to appear in an Esurance ad, posing as his famed character Walter White administering pharmaceutical products. Because in America they’re not ashamed to laugh about that being almost completely identical to dealing crystal meth.

And, finally. Proof that you have to throw millions and millions of dollars at American parents to NOT allow their kids to die!