Queens University Belfast students Ben Watson, Jane McWilliams and James Beatt won the EPA Award for Journalism Relating to the Environment at the 2021 National Student Media Awards!

This award is given to a student(s) who produced journalism that highlighted the importance of protecting our environment.

This award was sponsored by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is an independent public organisation that scrutinises and ensures that Ireland’s environment is protected by monitoring changes in environmental trends and detecting early signs of neglect or deterioration.

The protection of our environment is a huge responsibility and EPA Ireland carries out a vast range of practices to protect the environment such as the enforcement of environmental law, licensing and supporting campaigns like sponsoring this award.

Be sure check out EPA’s new website, www.epa.ie if you’re looking for any information you may need about the environment.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Ben, Jane and James and our gratitude to EPA for their continued support and for everything they do the environment.

NOTE: This is no monetary prize for this award. The only award categories that have a cash prize are the EU Commission, BLOC and SFI award.