The National Media Awards took place online on June 2nd and TU Dublin student Rebecca Daly took home the Editor of the Year award. Daly won this award for her editorial work at Dawning Magazine.

This award is sponsored by the Irish Independent. The Irish Independent is part of the Independent News and Media PLC (INM). This prestigious newspaper provides insightful global, national, and local news to the Irish public.

The Irish Independent’s goal is to be a trusted news source in every Irish community. They have achieved this goal through their online news on and newspapers that have a modern journalism style, accurate information and reports with many different points of view.

The Irish Independent shows their desire to deliver news to everyone and support students who focus on highlighting those who strive to maintain the quality of their respective newspapers by sponsoring the ‘Editor of the Year’ award.

The Irish Independent has sponsored these awards for several years. We’d like to thank them once again for partnering with us and for supporting student journalism.