Films So Bad, That They’re Actually Amazing

There are bad films, and there are good films, and then there are films that fall in the grey area, films that are so bad they are almost good again (or at the very least, watchable for the lolz). Here are a list of the finest, all tried and tested by me.

If you find them REALLY unwatchable, might I direct you to the Rifftrax website: Some of these films (marked with an {R}) have a brilliantly funny commentary available from there; trust me, they will heighten your watching experience (in fact I don’t recommend watching Birdemic without it).

The Room (2003){R}

The Room is infamous and with good reason. The pet project of director/writer/lead actor/caterer(probably) Tommy Wiseau, who mysteriously managed to raise $5m dollars to make it, it was a production plagued from start to finish with sackings and quittings and a director so eccentric, the lead actress wouldn’t film more than one sex scene with him. The making of The Room, based on the book The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero (who plays Mark, as in “Oh hai, Mark), is currently being made into a film starring James Franco and his brother Dave.

Why You Should Watch It: The Room is pure comedic gold from start to finish. The stilted dialogue, the stock footage of San Francisco, the storylines literally thrown at the screen for dramatic “tension” all combine into one of the funniest movies ever committed to celluloid. Marvel at Lisa and her work in “the computer business”. Laugh along with Johnny as he tries to order his ward/adopted son out of the room so he can have sex with Lisa. Gasp as Lisa’s mum reveals and then never again mentions that she has breast cancer.