Films So Bad, That They’re Actually Amazing

Deathstalker (1983)

An evil wizard hosts a tournament to find the best warrior in all the land, whilst the eponymous Deathstalker is charged with stealing artefacts of power from him by a witch.

Why You Should Watch It: Just read this description from Wikipedia: “On his journey, Deathstalker learns of a tournament from Oghris (Richard Brooker), a charming warrior in midriff-baring armor. Munkar has invited warriors across the land to participate in contests until a winner is determined – the winner will inherit Munkar’s kingdom. One night along the way to the tournament, the pair meet Kaira, a female warrior (Lana Clarkson) who wears only a G-string and a cloak. Later that night Deathstalker removes Kaira’s skimpy outfit and has passionate sex with her. She joins the group on their journey the next morning. “

Charming warriors? Midriff-baring armour? G-strings?! What more do you want from your swords and sorcery, Conan rip-offs? No Rifftrax available here, but believe me, it’s not really needed.

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