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Finding student accommodation in Ireland right now is arguably harder than the Leaving Cert itself. After months of studying and stress, you are dropped into the deep end of the rental crisis in Dublin and many of the college towns in Ireland. With rents at an all-time high finding a room that is reasonably priced can feel near impossible but don’t let the housing headlines make you run back to mammy.  Yes, we are currently in a housing crisis but there are some resources that can still help you find your place in the big smoke and beyond.

Facebook Groups 

Not just for taking your private information, Facebook can be a great way to find a room. There are plenty of accommodation groups for each college like UCD, NCAD and DIT and you can join them all.

If you broaden your search outside your own college to these other Facebook groups you are more likely to find a room in a student house rather than being thrown in with a random group of professionals.

Daft Email Alerts 

Remember you will be competing with thousands of other students to find a gaff so set up those email alerts so that you are at least one of the first to know when a suitable place goes up online. You can also set up notifications on the Facebook groups so you can see when someone posts a new room on the page.

Be Prepared At Viewings 

Viewings can be a cutthroat affair, especially for student accommodation, if you’re heading on your own then be prepared as possible. Many students in search of a new place bring their parents to talk to the landlord if you don’t have that support then bring your references and if possible your deposit with you so you can show you are serious about the room but whatever you do don’t hand the deposit over before you have the lease and key in hand!

Search With Mates

Looking for a house rather than one single room has some benefits. You will be living with your friends so the craic will be mighty and it’s not as daunting as going to a new place on your own. It can also be easier to find a full house rather than separate accommodation.

Broaden Your Search

Searching for your first room is scary and you might have the ideal location set in your mind but the reality is you might not ever get that en-suite right beside campus so broaden your search. Keep in mind the bus and cycle routes and go further afield than a ten-minute walk from campus.

By Chloe Christie