1. Get Your International Student Identity Card for Only €10!
The only globally accepted student ID.Get your ISIC Card anywhere in the world to save everywhere in the world!
Show your ISIC card in 130 countries for 160,000 Student Discounts! Be Smart and save on all your travel, hotels, motels, entertainment, food and drink!
2. Have a Virtual Tour of your Destination!
Have a digital walk around of all the areas you will be visiting using Google Streetview! Check out that dodgy looking Craigslist apartment you saw listed that was too good to be true and see if it really is a lovely duplex or just a cardboard box.
3. Save your Identity Documents in the cloud and use your ISIC Virtual ID!
Take photos of your passport and screenshots of boarding passes, save them on your phone and your cloud service so you are prepped for the worst case scenario.
Your ISIC Virtual ID is accepted everywhere the plastic card is so go green and never worry about losing your ID!
4. Find Out Where The Locals Hang Out!
Don’t have the same holiday everyone has, find the real areas outside of the tourist traps. You never want to end up in the Coppers of Canada. If you’re in Vegas don’t just walk down the strip, see the fountains and go to the MGM, go to Fremont Street and see real street shows and old Vegas!
5. Download the ISIC Global App!
Download the ISIC App and get a world of Student Discounts at your fingertips! Find every discount in any destination, plan your trip, follow the local maps and save your favourites!
6. Look Up Local Tipping Custom!
Don’t be too scabby on your trip abroad this summer. Find out what the locals usually tip for a drink or a meal and follow their lead. It might only be 10% but it will mean the bartender doesn’t avoid eye contact with you all night!
7. Beware of Zero Commission Money Transfers!
Students beware of ‘No Transfer Fees or ‘0% Commission’ promises! Make sure you know the true cost of making an overseas money transfer! You don’t leave a supermarket without knowing how much it cost, do the same with your money when abroad!
8. Be Sound With The Local Lingo!
Learn to say “thank you”, “hello”, “no”, “yes” and “excuse me” in the language of wherever you are. This will help you a lot in your day to day and getting around as well as create a few laughs when you try to sound sexy and say ‘Ciao’ with a thick Irish accent.
9. Bring Alternative Photo ID!
Bring your ISIC Card out with you as your student photo ID and don’t worry about losing your passport!
10. Know Your Holiday Hangover Cure!
You can’t have a bottle of Lucozade and a chicken roll everywhere abroad so find out where the local shops and cafés are. Find out what they have and whats good for those thirsty & hungry mornings!