From sex, the office to true crime there is something for everyone in the world of podcasts and 2019 is no exception, here are 5 podcasts you need in your life!

1. F**ks Given

The ladies of sex positive YouTube series ‘Come Curious’ Florence and Reed expanded their talents and voices to the podcast world in late-2018 with the launch of F**ks Given. Whether it’s comfy cowgirling to boning outdoors these girls have got you covered.

2. Safe For Work

Since the summer of 2018, hosts Liz Dolan and Rico Gagliano have mixed humour with much-needed advice on how to survive work and we are here for it. This hilarious podcast tackles having a work-life balance, burnouts and how to make an any office situation (including ours) tolerable.

3. The Blindboy Podcast

It hasn’t even been running a full year and yet The Blindboy Podcast by Rubberbandits man Blindboy Boatclub has become one of the most popular and essential podcast to date. The comedian isn’t shy about putting his views on Irish society into the public eye so this is a podcast you won’t want to miss.

4. This Is Love

The creators who brought you the popular podcast ‘Criminal’ released a brand new podcast that is to die for. ‘This Is Love‘ explores perseverance, obsession, and what happens when we risk betting it all, and the best part? The second season has just been released!

5. Swipe Left Swipe Left

This is our favourite of the list as it is both hilarious, relatable and totally binge-worthy. Swipe Left Swiple Left is a podcast about dating disasters and the fun unexpected stories on the road to romance.



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