A young male student has recently explained his non-sexist approach to dealing with girls, while staring directly at her chest.

In a recent interview, marketing student Will Burke told our female reporter that he has a zero-tolerance approach to harassment, without once making eye contact.

 Seemingly unaware he was 120% staring at Zoe’s boobs, Booker said: “It’s shocking what is coming out in the news these days. Every time I open my Twitter feed, another man has been caught being a dirty sexual divil. I can’t understand them!”
Whenever I’m around girls, even in the club or something, I treat them with respect”

Without once raising his eyeline above our reporters chest reigon, Burke went on to explain that if he did see any lads being “pervs” he would let them know, and that he would always encourage his female friends to stick by him for that reason.

He added “Although that can be tough at times, because I’ve definitely shifted 90% of all my girl pals at this stage, mostly when they were drunk and couldn’t remember it, haha”

“But I do look down on lads who wouldn’t respect a girl, like. If I saw any of that craic going on, I’d bate them! That’s why it’s good for girls to be around a lad like me”

“… I’m very strong like, go on and feel my bicep if you like! Hashtag, gainz”